World Match unveils Book of Pharon

It is all about being a slot games frontrunner should you want to be a successful online casino. As players freely move between providers it becomes evident that it is those who provide the best games that command the biggest audiences. World Match clearly understands what it takes to be a name that continuously keeps players entertained. In order to keep the entertainment flowing they recently unveiled a brand new game in the form of Book of Pharon, which has already made quite the impact. Available at all World Match backed online casinos (you can find many of these casinos at, the game blends big jackpots with a classic Ancient Egyptian theme.

Progressive jackpots may come bigger than Book of Pharon, but they seldom come in a more entertaining package, The reason why the game has become headline news is because it recently paid out €182,000 to a player based in Italy. The jackpot is now recharging once again, with another massive prize on the way.

Step into Ancient Egypt

What immediately makes Book of Pharon a different slot game from the rest is its highly detailed HD presentation. Standing on the cusp of technology, this is one game that is going to definitely blow you away when it comes to graphics. The theme may have been thought to be a little tired, but Book of Pharon definitely helps give it a refresh. The title appears at a 16:9 aspect ratio (also known as ‘widescreen’), which is nice to see. It features 50 paylines, meaning multi-combination wins are possible, along with various wild and scatter symbols. The game does a masterful job of mixing up the action, meaning that while the progressive jackpot is the main prize there is plenty else on offer to keep players entertained. Sweetening the deal, Book of Pharon is also available to play on mobile devices; meaning that you are never any more than a few taps of the screen away from winning the progressive jackpot that is up for grabs.

Four Winners Already

If there was ever a progressive jackpot game that was on a hot streak it is Book of Pharon from World Match. While World Match has countless leading HD progressive slot jackpot games to play, none have been as generous as Book of Pharon in recent times. Since 2015 began four players have been lucky enough to win big through the game, with World Match being pleased by that. Representatives have spoken up about how they are “ecstatic” about how popular the game has become, with there being “great enthusiasm” about what the future holds. Wins and public ones at that are what is helping drive the game forward. With the newest win coming along just this month, odds are that there could be a fifth win on the way before the year is out. When it comes to Bok of Pharon it is definitely a case of watch this space.

Hit After Hit

World Match are a well-established name on the online casino circuit, as they have been producing hit game after hit game since 2003. In fact, they have released 100s of games over the past decade, making them prolific when compared to other online casino development companies. Arriving at the likes of Jetbull Casino soon, Book of Pharon is a popular online casino portal game that will soon be loaded up to payout once again.