The basics to navigating the online casino landscape

Online casino gaming can be a lot of things, including fun and thrilling, but at times it can also be confusing and nerve-wracking. This is because there is a lot more to online casino gaming than most people realise. It can often represent a treacherous, albeit entertaining, minefield. If you have recently embraced the world of online casino gaming, then it pays to get to grips with the basic should you wish to succeed. The following takes a broad look at the online casino landscape, addressing what you need to do to succeed within it.

Games with the best odds

For those with their eyes on the prize, playing the online casino games with the best odds is of the utmost importance. Understanding what games provide the very best value for money isn’t actually that difficult, as an online casino portal will detail exactly what they are. Gathering information from such sources, the leading game to be aware of as far as favourable odds are concerned is Jacks or Better, a popular form of video poker. The 9/6 version of the game, often listed as full pay, pays out 9/1 on full house and 6/1 on a flush, with odds like that this a form of video poker that is hard to ignore. Online blackjack is another game that can provide highly favourable odds should it be played the right way. Implementing basic blackjack strategy and avoiding multi-deck play can turn the online casino game of 21 into a highly profitable experience. Craps and baccarat are also online casino games that are worth a mention as far as favourable odds are concerned.

Games with the worst odds

Sadly, not every online casino game offers up favourable odds. There are plenty of games within the online casino landscape that are nothing more than money traps. In fact, the number of negative games now far outweighs the number of positives ones. While there simply isn’t enough time to address the ins and outs of such games and why they shouldn’t be played, they are games worth taking note of. Unless you want to exit an online casino with less money to your name never entertain the idea of playing Keno, Red Dog, Three-Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Let it Ride, and Big Six Wheel.

Money management

After firmly establishing a presence within the world of online casino gaming, you need to manage your money appropriately in order to remain there. Successful players know that there is maths behind any casino online success story. The maths comes through managing your money and implementing strong levels of self-control. As a rule of thumb you should never borrow money for gambling purposes, while you should only ever bet money that you can realistically afford to lose. More importantly than all the aforementioned, you must set betting limits and strictly stick to them. Remember, you should control your money rather than letting your money control you. A good way of controlling your money in online gaming, is to play at an online casino that offer a deposit limit feature, which you can easily find at A deposit limit means that the player can choose how much money they are allowed to deposit in a certain period of time – When the limit has been reached, the casino will then stop all transactions until the previously set time has been passed.

Casino Gaming Simplified

Can casino online gaming be confusing? At moments the answer to that question is definitely yes, but that is confusion that can be simplified. Before playing (and even while playing), a player can make the best of the experience simply by addressing the basics. Next time you fancy putting your luck to the test at an online casino, make sure to pick up a good promotion through or a similar website, remember all the above and your playing efforts will become far more favourable.


Unleash your inner fury in Rage to Riches

Sometimes an online casino game comes along that truly defies expectation. The latest to achieve such feat is a brand new title from Play’n GO. The well-known developer has pulled out all the stops this November when creating Rage to Riches. This is by no mean an ordinary slots game, as it ramps up the video game-esque elements within it to 11, making it a special game from a visual and gameplay perspective.

Rage to Riches is game that is all about destruction, as players will need to tear down skyscrapers in order to claim the prizes that are up for grabs. Make no bones about it; Rage to Riches is a game that is all about monsters, mayhem, and major-league prizes.

Embrace the Anger      

From the moment that players lock eyes on Rage to Riches, it will become clear that this is a game that has ferocious action at its core. The games structure is that of a traditional 5-reel, 20-payline, but the reality Rage to Riches is much more than just that. Incorporating a level structure and various arcade video game elements, this game is a throwback to the arcade games of yesteryear. The goal of every Rage to Riches player is to fill up the Rage Meter that appears to the side of the screen. This meter is a player’s key to winning big and making the most of the Rage to Riches experience.

Action Packed Design

Making sure that this title “demolishes” the competition, Play’n GO have implemented an action packed design. Taking place across five reels, this video slots title includes various different monsters, along with their victims. When any winning combination is made the reels will explode and be replaced with a raft of new symbols. The new symbols make up part two of the game, which allow players to win even more prizes should their luck be in. Free spins and multipliers will be heighted when this occurs, meaning that you can quite literally Rage to Riches as the game suggests. Massive prizes, slick design, and smooth animations make Rage to Riches a festival of action and suspense.

Roaring Features

Making sure that players come back to rage time and time again, Play’n GO have included various special features within Rage to Riches. In classic damsel in distress fashion, players need to keep a look out for the women in trouble on screen while playing. When you can save one of these struggling ladies you win 10 free spins, collect five of them in a row and you will be able to head into the “Bust the Building Round”. This game allows players to destroy buildings in order to win big prizes, but beware of the civilians, as they will do their best to stop you from doing this. Smash away, but watch out for those around you, as should they hit you the bonus round will end.

Raising the Rage

Play’n GO has been around since the 1990s, but in many ways all the games previously created have been building to this moment. Looking at what could be the company’s crowning achievement, Rage to Riches is a truly a game to behold. Fast paced, packed with thrills, and rampant with rage, Rage to Riches is a game that is sure to tear up online casinos in the near future. Keep an eye out for free spins offers at, as they are often able to find exclusive deals at many of today’s biggest casinos when new games are being launched.

Game Developers – An Overview

You may have already seen our blog that looked at the top up and coming casino game developers in the world. Safe to say it was a hotly discussed article on various gaming blogs. It seems that the developers are now taking as many headlines as they games they created. Quite frankly there were just too many developers to name for just a single blog, so now we are back with another breakdown of industry up and comers. If you are wondering just whose online casino games you will be playing in the years to come, keep the following names in mind. Should you be enticed to try some of these developers out, it can be a good idea to go through a casino portals, where you can find special promotions for many games. In our opinion, gives you free spins no deposit required bonuses! They often have exclusive promotions targeted towards games from the developers listed below.

Yggdrasil Gaming

Topping this list is not only a power player of tomorrow, but it is a power player of today. Founded by former NetEnt executive Fredrik Elmqvist, Yggdrasil Gaming stands as one of the most innovative game developers in the history of the industry. They may only have 23 games within their back catalogue, but those 23 games are some of the greatest online casino games ever created. Using HTML5 technology to its fullest extent, the ‘Super-Spin’ concept has taken the industry by storm. Even though they have only been around since 2013, in such time they have found huge success that should put them in good stead for the future.

You can find casinos that offers the Yggdrasil range of games by visiting


Arguably the biggest innovation to hit the world of online casino gaming lately has been live casinos. Stripping away the common 2D animations and replacing them with a live stream setup has proven to be quite the successful formula. The momentum shows no-sign of slowing down, with companies like Ezugi pushing the industry forward. It seems that they have created a social live casino setup that players have fallen in love with. Founded just two years ago and offering just 11 games, this live casino developer has plenty of big plans in the pipeline.

Soft Magic Dice

Soft Magic Dice (sometimes listed as just SMD) is an online casino game developer that does have question marks surrounding it. The brand states that they were founded by “a group of experts that have more than 30 years of casino gaming industry experience between them”. It’s a nice enough statement, but there is little evidence of it. While such claim is a little murky, what isn’t murky is the quality of games they produce. Backing Mission2Game Casino, they offer up over 300 games that are recognised throughout the industry for being the most secure around.


New to the industry given that they only launched in 2012, Thunderkick have built up a solid reputation for quality over the past 3 years. The games they produce are noted for their level of innovation, but while that’s the case it is the company’s business operations that are most impressive. Thunderkick has signed major deals with leading industry operators and seem to always be on the hunt for the next agreement. They maybe new to the industry, but they are no slouch when it comes to game distribution.

WGS Technology

You may know WGS Technology by its prior name Vegas Technology, as just recently a decision to switch brand approach was made. Powered by parent brand English Harbour Group, the re-launch occurred back in 2011. The company has been through a lot since then and while from a business perspective there have been problems, the company’s level of creativity cannot be denied.

World Match unveils Book of Pharon

It is all about being a slot games frontrunner should you want to be a successful online casino. As players freely move between providers it becomes evident that it is those who provide the best games that command the biggest audiences. World Match clearly understands what it takes to be a name that continuously keeps players entertained. In order to keep the entertainment flowing they recently unveiled a brand new game in the form of Book of Pharon, which has already made quite the impact. Available at all World Match backed online casinos (you can find many of these casinos at, the game blends big jackpots with a classic Ancient Egyptian theme.

Progressive jackpots may come bigger than Book of Pharon, but they seldom come in a more entertaining package, The reason why the game has become headline news is because it recently paid out €182,000 to a player based in Italy. The jackpot is now recharging once again, with another massive prize on the way.

Step into Ancient Egypt

What immediately makes Book of Pharon a different slot game from the rest is its highly detailed HD presentation. Standing on the cusp of technology, this is one game that is going to definitely blow you away when it comes to graphics. The theme may have been thought to be a little tired, but Book of Pharon definitely helps give it a refresh. The title appears at a 16:9 aspect ratio (also known as ‘widescreen’), which is nice to see. It features 50 paylines, meaning multi-combination wins are possible, along with various wild and scatter symbols. The game does a masterful job of mixing up the action, meaning that while the progressive jackpot is the main prize there is plenty else on offer to keep players entertained. Sweetening the deal, Book of Pharon is also available to play on mobile devices; meaning that you are never any more than a few taps of the screen away from winning the progressive jackpot that is up for grabs.

Four Winners Already

If there was ever a progressive jackpot game that was on a hot streak it is Book of Pharon from World Match. While World Match has countless leading HD progressive slot jackpot games to play, none have been as generous as Book of Pharon in recent times. Since 2015 began four players have been lucky enough to win big through the game, with World Match being pleased by that. Representatives have spoken up about how they are “ecstatic” about how popular the game has become, with there being “great enthusiasm” about what the future holds. Wins and public ones at that are what is helping drive the game forward. With the newest win coming along just this month, odds are that there could be a fifth win on the way before the year is out. When it comes to Bok of Pharon it is definitely a case of watch this space.

Hit After Hit

World Match are a well-established name on the online casino circuit, as they have been producing hit game after hit game since 2003. In fact, they have released 100s of games over the past decade, making them prolific when compared to other online casino development companies. Arriving at the likes of Jetbull Casino soon, Book of Pharon is a popular online casino portal game that will soon be loaded up to payout once again.